A Wide Variety of Italian Menu Items

09 Jan A Wide Variety of Italian Menu Items

Call 570-422-1040 for reservations to Momento Pizzeria and Restaurant and treat yourself to an Italian dining experience informed by the famed culinary career of Chef Nicola Mersini. The Momento’s menus were personally compiled by Chef Nicola to reflect a variety of Italian dishes. On offer you’ll find everything from traditional Italian favorites made with house-made pasta, numerous pizza selections, seafood and chicken dishes, steak and other meat dishes, a range of salads and soups boasting the freshest ingredients, and unique fine dining dishes with a distinctive flavor profile. Chef Nicola and his team at Momento’s pride themselves on offering you the best dining experience, be it on the restaurant’s casual side for a quick bite or on the fine dining side for a relaxed meal or special occasion. Learn more about Momento’s today by visiting the company website, www.momentopizzeria.com, for more information.