The Perfect Wine Pairing for Every Meal

12 Jan The Perfect Wine Pairing for Every Meal

It is safe to say that one of the closest things to the heart of an Italian is a hearty, homemade meal. At Momento Pizzeria & Restaurant, the only thing that may rest closer than the savory meal itself is the exceptional service and relaxing environment where everyone feels like family. Chef Nicola Mersini prides himself in making every single culinary experience memorable and a signature part of the experience he has created at Momento’s is training the staff to suggest the perfect wine pairing with his customers’ menu item of choice. This ensures that each customer indulges in his or her meal with the perfect complement of flavors for a gastronomic experience unlike any other in the Poconos. Make a reservation at Momento’s today by calling 570-422-1040 or stop by without a reservation to take advantage of the restaurant’s casual side dining side experience.